One of my resolutions for the New Year 2011 was to begin a blog of my own. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to write. Whenever an idea for a new piece flitters through my mind; I quickly look around for the nearest piece of paper and put down the idea. At times, there comes an interruption in the thought flow and the paper is temporarily forgotten until the next bit comes tugging and I begin searching for the forgotten paper to continue.

Often times, the piece of paper can no longer be found and a part of a beautiful idea remains forever hidden. But the original thought does not terminated here, the inspiration is passed onto another individual somewhere else on the planet and if I am fortunate, I am somehow favored to discover the written version of my inspiration and read the individual’s presentation of the idea.

More often than not, when I happen on my thoughts encoded in words, as expressed by another, my heart warms up and tears fill my eyes. To see the completion of a thought form I once had authored by another individual so far away from me, makes me at first sad that the final authorship of a beautiful thought form was removed from me, but then I am also moved to marvel at the mysterious nature of our World and the work of the Being who heads it all.

Sometime ago, I came to the realization that thought forms are not unique to individuals but are rather unique to the initiator of these thoughts. These thoughts are given to us to encode in words and present for the enlightenment of the world. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to do this. To be chosen to be a messenger of something special is not to be taken lightly. It becomes up to us to seek appropriate words for the presentation of the thought.

These days, when these thoughts flow through my mind; I immediately get busy searching for appropriate words to present them. At times, words elude me. Nothing I can come up with seems convenient enough because the worlds from which these thought forms emanate are of a finer, more beautiful vibration than any earthly words can ever describe. I can only do my best. So struggling and sometimes failing to encompass the thought in appropriate words, I give up. Then the opportunity not fully utilized, is given to another more receptive and ready mind for presentation. That is why we often times read the works of others and find that they have succinctly put into words, thoughts forms we have once struggled to represent.

This year, I have decided to do my utmost to give these thoughts a form. I would try as much as possible to capture these thoughts and preserve them in words for posterity. Last night, at the dawn of the New Year, the first fluttering of thoughts for the New Year came nudging the edges of my mind and immediately I set myself to pen them down. I had initially intended to use it as the opening piece for my blog, but I received an even more beautiful piece sent to me in the form of a New Year text message from my dearest friend Emmanuella Patience Aghedo. I could not but use her piece instead. It is a tribute to our friendship. A tribute to all friendship and I dedicate it to all friends because your friendship is special – Like Ours.

Below is the piece.

‘Sweetheart, many say friendship is bad. Some say friends bring you down. But I say that you are the best. People have not seen anything yet. The world is going to know that I have found true friendship in you. I really appreciate you for making my life worthwhile. This year will be better than last year for us. It is going to be an easy race we both will finish together. Happy New Year’

Thank You Patience for the Joy of your friendship in my life and for this beautiful piece of thought for my first post.