Would you say yes if I said I am sorry?

Would you look into my eyes and tell me all I did – matters no more?

Could it ever be possible to roll back the hands of time?

And rediscover ourselves as we once were?

How tall and noble you were then

Taller now you are

And nobler – mine eyes does not deceive me

When was the first time I gazed upon you and beheld a serf?

When was it that those fair lovely palms took on a grizzled look?

When was it that your sweet chant began to echo a racket?

And I closed my eyes to the evidence of your needs?

When did these hallucinations begin?

I have reformed

I have sampled life’s savories and found none to suit my composition

I have wandered the wildness only to return unfulfilled

I have sat by the brook – wearied – in long spells of solitude

And I have seen your visage mirrored in its depths

On lonely nights, I have listened to the call of the night’s wind in the trees

My heart has moaned your name in response to heartfelt longings

And I have cried

Bitter tears and deep sobs of longing that mocked my lonesome fate

Once I held a thing of beauty in my grasp

Did I in a puerile bout of impatience lose my joy forever?