I watched as she meticulously gathered her tools in steady unhurried movements. One after the other, they made their way to the low, long bench. In a purposeful gait, she made steady trips to and from the room. First, the scissors appeared, and then the ruler, the sheet of paper, the crayons and finally the cello tape. Satisfied that all tools were in place, she squatted on the low, long bench, turned towards my direction and chirped in her adorable, little birdlike voice

‘Aunty, can you shee me?’

‘Yes now’ I was quick to reassure of my undivided attention. A happy smile flittered across her visage at the affirmative response. Returning to her task, she took a deep breath, paused with a pensive look on her face and then stood up again and sauntered off into the kitchen area calling to me in an offhand manner as she strolled off.

‘Aunty, you want water too?’ Her voice floating toward me from the kitchen area

‘No, thanks dear, aren’t you coming to start quick, quick?’

‘Am coming, am coming hun, Am coming’ her tiny voice, laced with a tinge of impatience, preceded her person as she strolled back purposefully into the living room to begin at her task.

About thirty minutes went by with me lost in sweet reverie and ignorant to her numerous promptings of ‘aunty, can you shee me?’ until a small shadow looming over my horizon drew me back to reality.

And the reality was sweet. Reality was a little girl standing before me holding out a prettily colored paper flower she had just crafted and a hopeful smile on her face.

Reality was her words ‘aunty, shee – f’owers for you.’

And I loved her!