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In The Beginning

There was man, there was beauty and there God. But because man was wrought in imperfection – man not the soul – the world imperfections seeped gradually into him such that in the midst of plenty, man began to feel the ache of need. He felt loneliness and he panicked. He did not understand this need or why it gnawed at his heart thus. He did not know that because he had left his true home and had been thrust, unprepared into this world for the purpose of maturing to earn his princely home, that he will forever, throughout his sojourn here, thirst for his true home.

Man, unable to discern the reason for this need, began to desire a mate. He thought that his loneliness was caused by lack of companionship. Thus, he earnestly longed for a mate to fill the yearning in his heart. God saw this want and smiled. Man had begun to look beyond the realms of materiality the moment he realized the all life’s bounties could not make up for the loneliness in his heart – this was a start. Man sought someone to share the good life with, and to help him forget the ache in his heart. And God gave him a mate.

Nature & Vacuums

There can be no emptiness in life. As an idle mind forms fertile soil for the devil’s work, so also man’s cravings wrought the woman. For a while, man was content. He saw the beauty of his woman and he was happy. At night, he felt her curves. In the light of day, her lovely smile, happy laughter and those of the beautiful children she had given him enraptured his home. He looked towards heaven and blessed God. For God had indeed blessed him with a good thing. His heart was full of joy and contentment. Life was complete. He believed this was enough.


How often it is that man fails to see truth even when it stares him in the face? Life is never static. Every once in a while, when we reach life’s zenith, then must come the plunge. The key to combating this disturbing but nonetheless constant pattern in life is to recognize and accept that this change remains the only permanent facet in our ever dynamic world and then to devise strategies to deal with it.


There is no perfect life, no perfect world. Man’s history is fraught with countless instances of the world’s rise and fall. We have the case of Atlantis and Lemuria. We have Noah’s world before the great flood. There is Rome and its golden age. France and its reign of King Louis XIV – Le Roi du Ciel, not to mention Great Britain and its fabulous reign of kings in the seventeen/eighteen century. Now there is America. One could go on and on if the future could be seen, and predict countless other rise and fall of great eras. However, that would not serve our purpose. What would instead is to recognize the pattern and realize that there is no perfect world. This way, we are prepared for life’s eventualities and they can hurt us no longer. Someday, the glories of man’s mate will fade, man’s children will be grown and gone and man’s youth will dwindle. Everyone will begin to see the other in another light and will more often than not cease to please the other. What then would bring comfort?

Want versus Need

Life is not all about what we want but what we need to survive. Man must understand that his survival is dependent solely on what is needed – God’s love and nothing else. All other things – which are supplementary – are gained following the attainment of this most primal need. Of course it is alright to want something. What is wrong is wanting it to the point where our happiness becomes dependent on it – like man desires to perpetuate his youth, by seeking the youth in his female and woman’s own illusion in the world of cosmetology. Once they found happiness, albeit transient, in each other’s youth. Now at its decline, the supposedly forgotten ache rears to the forefront.

Life’s Theorem

True happiness can only come with the realization that as God-men, we are never really alone. Although we primarily need the opposite sex for a sense of fulfillment of life here on earth, we ultimately must realize our God nature before we can be free from the age long aching need. But until we realize it, we must forever live with the ache knowing full well at some point in our lives that all the companionship of our earthly mate, our children, our families, our friends, our worldly possessions, our degrees, innumerable titles etc can never really fill up the void.

Life’s theorem is all about the flow and ebb of the tides of man’s fortune. As long as man inhabits an imperfect world, life will consist of series of highs and lows. Great happiness and immense depression will constitute our lot.  The world will experience unimaginable advances in fortunes characterized by great inventions for the good of man so also will it be plunged into the destructive throes of war, wiping out every trace of progress ever made. The question now is , can we as man now see the pattern? Can we see that all of life is illusory and that the only real comfort emanates from within?

Man must never be led to believe that any form of lasting happiness can be found here on earth. Be it in the arms of a loving mate or in the sweet sing-song voice of a young child. All is illusory and the ultimate is not a union of male and female, but the union of imperfect being with the God essence within each of them. An action which is meant to purify the imperfection. Only then can true happiness be found and man can rise above life’s innumerable flows and ebbs. Only then can the transient nature of human love cease to bother us and we can live on with the knowledge that service to all of life is all that matters in fulfillment to the will of God, irrespective of what life or humanity may thrust our way. Only then can we ever attain true freedom and ultimately the most sought after absolute happiness.