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For me, the past three months since my last blog post has been an indecisive one. I was torn between the desires to write and preserve my thoughts for posterity, the need to make sense i.e. to be lucid in my righting, while at the same time despaired by the futility of the whole writing exercise. Of what use will be the contribution of my thoughts to the internet community? When there existed far more advanced and beautifully articulated masterpieces of writings out there to keep the prospective web surfer captivated, locked onto these sites and without a chance of stumbling upon my poorly written essays.

I came to agree years ago that I was too introverted to be witty, and juxtapose against my wandering interest, I realized sadly that I did not possess the tools to be a dedicated blogger i.e. I couldn’t generate witty or intriguing posts, neither could I produce the ones requiring depths of research. Thus I was faced with the option of watching my beautiful, painstakingly thought out and designed blog fade into oblivion.

Albeit these challenging inabilities, I was fortunate to be endowed with the rare spirit of perseverance and dogged determination amidst my disheartening traits. So initially, I returned to my blog page daily, vainly willing myself to pen down a piece, anything at least to guarantee my remaining in the “post a weekly’ competition, I did not succeed. Then my daily visit turned twice weekly, and then 4 times monthly until today, three months later, I have been pulled out of long hibernation by an inspiring article I stumbled upon yesterday.

Literarily, I’d say I was rudely kicked out of my reverie. Work must go on it reminded me. You must persevere in your efforts at writing. Even if I had decided to fall asleep pretending the world was asleep with me, on the contrary, reality was that the world had moved a 100 steps forward irrespective of my decision to follow or not. It only got better. I’d better join the fast moving train of evolving and developing event or be left behind in stagnation.

Below’s the inspiration.