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Great deeds do not often make great men and neither do great men often make great deeds. Often times the moment the deed is done we forget in the next minute, the act of its creation. Returning to our normal lives, we gradually loose that spark of greatness that the creation of the deed momentarily ignited in us.

But sometimes, amidst the upheavals and loves of mundane live, the routines that often lead to complacency in decadence, we catch a glimpse again of that fabulous moment, that particular moment when the great deed was created, when the realization was gained and the deed forged,  and then a sparkle is is returned to a mundane life.

It is at this moment that we realize that the totality of our life experiences, of our loves, hates, pains and gains, the sum total of it all, is lived only to furnish the tools for the making of great deeds. We realize also that the deed is in reality the culmination of our total existence and that the deed, without it, life is meaningless.

For me, it is at such moments, at moments when my actions have quantified into changing a life for the better or fashioning a smile where a frown was previously carved, it is at a such moment, that I know that my life will never remain the same again until I have duplicated, or better still birthed yet another great deed.

So then, until the next great deed, I live a dream whose reality will be the birthing of another life changing deed. Till then, life is life and and lived by the day, awaiting only the illumination of another such deed.

What great deed have you done today?