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How do you wipe this bitterness from your heart?
How do you root out this pain – So that you see it plainly for what it is ?
And know there is no gain whatsoever in keeping the pain?

What has life taught you?
Save that it harbors naught but blessings and lessons?
Yet you swear your heart be full of pain
How can this be so?

Have you forgotten that lovely sonorous sounds of the birds?
By your window chirping all mornings for your listening pleasure?
Are you unaware that the music of a babe’s laughter far eclipses its cries?
Haven’t your heart trilled at the heat of the sun’s rays after months of fierce winter?
Or listened to the flowing river and heard naught but symphonies?
Have the sunset ever held anything but beauty for you?

Yet you swear still to hold naught but sorrows in your heart?
This cannot be true!
I would not believe it!
Or perhaps your heart cannot have been awake
Perhaps it crouches still, encaged by its ribs
Too scared to venture forth
To behold the beauties of our world