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I sat and watched in exasperation as he fumbled and toyed with my PC. He had loosened all the screws was methodically pulling the PC apart. First, the keypads, then the screen, the battery, the bottom covering, the hard drive, the memory, and even the CD ROM until the whole thing was just a jumble of disassembled parts.

And I watched it all in helplessness. There was absolutely nothing I could do. I who prided my self with knowledge on the workings of the computer. But the humbling fact was that what ailed my PC this time was beyond my comprehension. All I could do was watch in helplessly as they tore one of my most treasured possessions apart in a bid to get it back into working order.

At the height of my helplessness, I remembered in heightened frustration the harbinger of this misfortune. A power surge in the midst of a torrential rainfall had killed my laptop screen and fried the motherboard. How did this happen to me? Why even me in the first place? My tears flowed freely at the realization that there was no one to hold for the cost of the repair but myself. I mentally calculated the cost of a new screen, motherboard and the repair work and almost settled for abandoning the whole project.

But the truth was that I really had no choice but to carry on with the repairs as I could not afford the cost of a new laptop at this point in time. No matter how frustrating the repair work was, it was still cheaper than procuring a new laptop. Thus, I sat in that small, stuffy office in Otigba in mounting frustration as I watched them fumbling and toying with my PC, claiming an attempt at a diagnosis of its ailment.

From the look of things, I was going to be charged a lot for faults caused by a simple power surge and yet these so called PC professionals were yet to diagnose my system ailment? It was at times like this that I wished I had majored in Computer Science/ Engineering. How I detest the feeling of helpless in any situation or being at the mercy of anyone as I now was at the mercy of these PC technicians. I recalled a certain similar situation of helpless. This one concerning an ailment I contacted, where the doctors took a long time in diagnosing the ailment, while I writhed helplessly in pain at their mercy.

The Irony of this whole frustrating situation was that these particular technicians were known by the name ‘FIXMYPC’. So whenever I mounted the words ‘have you fixedmypc? How long does it take to fixmypc? Are you sure you can fixmypc? And so on, it fell on deaf ears as it was just as if I was merely calling their trade name and not referring to them. So I was totally ignored as they continued their poking and prodding on my system.

I have never felt so helpless in my whole life. My PC is one of my most favored companions. To even consider the thought of going home for one day without her was heart breaking. And to think that I had no back up for the data in her. My gosh! What have I gotten myself into? See what a stupid power surge has cost me? And what am I to do if these so called ‘FIXMYPC’ technician ended up failing to ‘FIXMYPC’?

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