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When WordPress.com incorporated the new post tab into its home page, I am sure many of its active blogging community lauded the idea. It afforded them a quick and easy way of getting ideas from brain to page in just a few clicks of the keyboard and mouse. Or maybe in more like a few thousand clicks. But the fact that it was a novel and welcome addition to the site cannot be disputed.

I for instance, formed part of the bandwagon that welcomed this new innovation. I viewed it as the prince charming sent to save my blog in distress. As the blogging adventure I embarked upon was beginning to have sore undertones. Now that adventure has been anything but smooth in the last one year since I embarked upon it. My progress since launching the blog has been as sporadic as the progress of my subscribers list.

Maybe I didn’t write enough to motivate readers to return to my blog regularly and then consider clicking the subscribe button. Maybe my write ups were not as witty and captivating as that of a blog with a subscriber’s count of over 5000. I just could not fathom it. All I knew was that the combination of too many blogging ideas, too busy schedule, poor coordination and a low subscribers count all contributed to my blaming my low posting count on the fact that there wasn’t a good enough tool to accommodate my frequent burst of blogging ideas.

So when WordPress.com introduced the New Post tab in the Home Page, I was really excited at the prospect of having a ready tool to accommodate these frequent burst of ideas . As the weeks after the introduction of this tab progressed, I became disturbed to realize that this welcome introduction was not turning out to mean an increase in my blog post and a subsequent increase in my subscribers count.

This was because, as the sorry case turned out to be, the frequency of my ideas could not be matched by an equally frequent conversion speed. Do you know how long it takes me to convert a single blogging idea into a published post? Between 2 to 14 days! It would start with my jotting down the first burst of idea in perhaps a paragraph or two. I’d let it fallow for a day and then go back to see if it was some thing worth developing. Decision made as the case may be, I’d either trash it or begin amassing more ideas to give it substance. This process could take between three days to a week given my mood or work/traffic schedule. Some posts even end its life span at this stage. I have over 50 of them in this category.

Writing completed, the next stage would be the editing for typographical, grammatical or punctuation errors. Followed by the final reading to decide if the piece was really worthy of my effort and deserving of posting. In this manner, about 14 days is consumed in just a single piece.

Now I realize that my initial excitement at the introduction of the ‘New Post’ tab was premature. It was conceived for bloggers whose idea to conversion speed was in the whereabouts of 10 to 30 minutes and not for the likes of my 14 days conversion speed. So yesterday I decided that the New Post tab was just not for me. I had better content myself with viewing it as an ornament on the home page. 😦

NB: However, I shocked myself when I wrote this piece using the “New Post” tab in just 37 minutes. Guess there’s still hope for me. 🙂