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The trouble with Nigeria is. . . The trouble with Nigeria is. . . The trouble with Nigeria is what???

For Heaven’s sake, there is no trouble with Nigeria!!! I am sick and tired of hearing people talk about the trouble with Nigeria. Some swear the trouble is with the leadership. Others blame it on the followers. In fact, Nigerians would blame it on any and everybody or thing who can take a blame.

When I say ‘they’, I mean you there reading this post, me who wrote it, and the great majority of you out there who will not even bother to read it even if you see it posted on my Facebook wall and on the wall of your home page for your perusal. You will just gloss over it with your mouse and move on to other more seemingly interesting gossip-like items to read.

Because you see, even if I believe there is no trouble with Nigeria, the fact that some percentage of Nigerians hold this same view is the greatest malady plaguing this country. Off course we are a greatly troubled growing and learning nation, however we should endeavor to pay more and more attention to the learning part of our growing experiences. We are so much in love with gist (small talks), gist and more gist that we forget the important things in life to pay attention to. You think I am telling lies? Let us just wait and see how many of you Nigerians who read this post will bother to comment on it and tell us how we can unearth this ‘elusive’ trouble with Nigeria and proffer ways to overcome it.

For in my point of view, there is no trouble with Nigeria. Any who insists there is, a thousand pox on you. Nigeria is just like an adventurous youth. And like every other adventurous youth, she must go through every likely experience to come out strong, mature and fit for adulthood. If in the cause of her cliff hanger-like youthful adventures, she breaks an arm or sprain a dozen knees, what can we say? Next time, she’ll know better and do better.

So everyone of you, stop the crazy shout about ‘the trouble with Nigeria, the trouble with Nigeria, the trouble with Nigeria’. Because I tell you, there is no trouble with Nigeria. She is but a growing child and in growing, she must make mistakes to learn. Period!!!