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Oh Foreign, my Foreign
You are my sovereign lord
For you hold sway over my heart
In a firm grip I cannot dislodge

The lords of your land have held me captive
Twice in a row, they have plucked my heart out
Amid cones of wintry beaten pines
And have placed it upon sea shores
For my first taste of bliss

How I have blossomed in their arms
How I have unfurled sepals that locked hidden petals
Permitting bees a taste of nectar within

Now I lie spent
Many bees lie drunk
I have been abandoned by the shores
As they depart with evening tide

Alas – they did but leave a cage ‘sans’ spirit
For as I lie spent on windy shores
I feel not the wind
See not receding line of departing ships
But a joyful spirit aboard your ship
Sailing with you to part no more.

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