There are two ways of approach to any thing we do in our life. One is ‘Commitment’ and the other is ‘Attachment’. The journey of these approaches differs for each one.

When we approach anything with attachment, we hang on to our ideas and when failure occurs, we feel as if we have lost something and become frustrated. This is because we are attached to a particular idea. As a result, we experience the failure as personal failure and in our grief miss other options and possibilities for growth.

We feel like we personally lost the battle and that our capabilities and competence were not enough to win. We start worrying and directing every thought, every thing that happens towards the view point that ‘I failed’.

This attached approach drains one of self confidence, energy and creativity.

On the other hand, the ‘Commitment’ approach is committed to the job and  focuses more on the job than on the self. As a  result, when failure occurs, the focus is not on the self saying ‘I failed’, rather it will be on the idea, that ‘the idea failed’. Then we will begin to look for new ideas and if that does not work as well, we try another, and another and yet another, until we succeed. In this manner, creativity flows, energy flow and enthusiasm. Nothing can stop us, not even inferiority complex.

That’s the power in approaching things from the ‘Commitment’ point of view rather than the ‘Attachment’ view point

Likewise, our approach towards Relationship has the same two aspects. When we are attached to a relationship, our experience will be disappointment, dissatisfaction, frustration, pain etc,. In short, self expression, power and freedom will be missing in that relationship due to attachment.

Shifting from attachment to commitment will take the relationship to a whole new level, one full of self-expression, power and freedom. With commitment, be sure to expect a Breakthrough in your Relationship!



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