They are everywhere – you see them everywhere

They call you – some regularly, some occasionally

They check up on you

Not out of love, never out of care

But most from a deep seated need to establish

You haven’t left where you were, the last time they called you

They’ll smile into your eyes, they’ll mock you in your face

Not directly, but snidely

Eyes opened guilefully to voiced hurt protests,

They’ll affirm it a joke and run off gleefully in laughter

They are the Vipers – Beware of them

But the worse of them all, the most deadly ones, they are the Boa Constrictors

They take you whole

In one single gulp, they swallow you

Without remorse, not even batting an eyelid, with no smile of cunning or glee

Innocent as Doves they come, harmless as Kids

You divulge all to them, with ears wide open – they listening, eyes wide and clear – they watch

So when feeding time comes, they take you in one gulp

And you never see them coming

“Cause they had been there all along

For you had called them ‘Your Best Friends’.