Again, for another of the countless other many times, I lost the fight. But this around, I found my voice. Buried deep within me, I found it sitting, waiting quietly for me to find and pick it up. And through dark murky hall I threaded, through cold misty dawns, oh! How I crawled in fear for ages! How I dreaded my very shadow! Until I was lost in the quagmire of a labyrinth wrought in trepidation.

Alas! Through the cold dark days of dread, I have walked to come out on the other side. I have faced fear and conquered. I have risen – me – a journey ended as I found my voice – my key!

Many thanks to everyone who helped me in the finding. I fought some, I loved some, but above all, I learned from all.

Now it’s on to the next journey – the next voyage. For the journey never ends. Were you deceived into believing that the sighting of the key will mean the journey’s end? Be thou not deceived for the journey has only just begun!

Join me if you will for it will be fun, but there will also be pain too – life is never free of them both i.e. fun & pains. But in the end, we will have lived, our lives, TO THE FULLEST.