Write For Me

How to write articles for Ceypeyun.wordpress.com and get them published here:

Choose a theme/subjuct matter from the following categories

  • Thoughts
  • Poetic Forms
  • Life’s like that
  • Uncategorized

Be Creative – write a unique blog post

Points to consider when writing:

  • Your write ups should be in simple, coherent English.
  • There should be no obscene/ offensive words in them.
  • If your piece is a critique, make it objective.
  • When using pictures, they should be relevant and without nudity.
  • There is no maximum lenght. however limit wordiness.

Contact Ceypeyun.wordpress.com on ceypeyun@hotmail.com  with your article with the mail’s subject – Articles for wordpress

Following a review of your piece to verify its adherence to this blog’s overall purpose, you will find yourself a published author on Ceypeyun.wordpress.com.

Keep writing, keep the creativity alive and let’s get you published. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Write For Me”

  1. Nice job done by you and i feel you have much more in you than just this, why dont u add more links to your site and then your site looks a little empty, why dont u do some refurbishing and as per your FixmyPC, sorry, we the Computer Engr. sometimes experience it but maybe based on ur kwoledge of computers u should know that once ur board is fried, u need 2 change it. Find someone who u trust and get a new motherboard and then ur computer would be back to normal.

    perfectgentlemans (CEHAIN)

    • Hey Solomon, thanks for dropping by.

      Creating this blog, like 60% of my actions – was a spur of the minute decision. I knew I wanted to start a project for the new year 2011, but I was not sure what it would be. I had just finished watching a movie which starred Julia Roberts ‘Eat, Pray and Love’ and I was inspired enough to write an article titles ‘Speak, Eat, Live or Leave’https://ceypeyun.wordpress.com/2011/01/01/speak-eat-live-or-leave/

      This was all on January 1, 2011. Then I thought, why not begin a blog. Thus, the article became my first blog post and I had my new year project – my very own blog.

      However, much thought wasn’t put into its creation, all I wanted was an avenue to share my ‘once in a while’ inspiration, in form of articles and poems, with a wider audience. This I have achieved this year 2011 by creating this blog.

      Next year should see efforts directed towards developing this blog into a more professional one.

      You are welcome to join my effort in achieving this goal by subscribing to my blog.

      I look forward to hearing from you on ideas to improve the blog.

      Hope to see more of you on this blog in future. Cheers.

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